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Obesity In America

Obesity In America Obesity In America

We are told that obesity comes from eating too much and not exercising enough! We are told that we have no willpower or self-control.

We are told that most obese people who ate too much will get diabetes.

Americans die eight […]

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Sugar “The Legal Injustice”

  • Sugar The Legal Injustice:Foie Gras is the fatty liver of a duct or goose that has been forced fed corn through a feeding tube. Is the sugar/food industry Foie Grasing us?

    Never in history have people been exposed to so much sugar.

    In the last 30 years sugar consumption as gone up 100 […]

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Special Alert: Zika Virus, What You Need To Know

Special Alert: Zika Virus, What You Need To Know

The virus was first spotted in the Americas in 2014.

The mosquito-borne Zika virus has spread quickly in the last two years through the Pacific Islands and South America. Although there have been no reported deaths from the illness, a spate of recent outbreaks is cause for concern.

Why […]

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