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New Form Of Bariatric Gastric Bypass Surgery

“The AspireAssist approach helps provide effective control of calorie absorption, which is a key principle of weight management therapy,” said William Maisel, MD, MPH, deputy director for science and chief scientist in the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, in a press release. “Patients need to be regularly monitored by their health […]

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How To Get A Discount At The Pharmacy

You may be surprised to find that some of the older generic drugs go for as low as $4.00 for a 30 day supply and as little as $10.00 for 3 month supply.

Members of Sam’s Plus program can get free drugs if you paid cash to join.

You may find it less expensive to […]

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Living “A Low Carb Diet Life”! Will A High Fat Diet Kill You? Does fat cause atherosclerosis?

Atherosclerosis is caused by oxidized LDL particles piercing the arterial walls provoking inflammation that damages the arterial tissue not fat fastening to the wall of the arteries.

When you consume fat it does not start to flow in your blood stream and does not solidify like a stick of butter.

Current research […]

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3 Anti Ageing Steps To Take Today

Step # 1- Cut down on Baked Goods, High Carbohydrate Foods & Potatoes

High glycemic index foods raise your blood sugar levels almost immediately.

Replacing even a single serving of these foods with non-starchy vegetables can lower the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes.

Consider that French fires cannot really be called potatoes after being […]

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