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How To Recognize The The Top 3 Weight Loss Gimmicks

By Joan Loganeski, The Saturday Morning Diet

Keep Your Eyes Peeled
With the weight loss industry’s multi-billion dollar industry growing at a phenomenal rate, it shows no signs of slowing down. Year after year, millions and millions of dollars are made publishing new diet books. Diet fads come and go, millions and billions are made. Interestingly enough, you would think that when people try to diet and they fail, that they would stop dieting. No! This cycle goes on and on. People would leave one diet and try another diet. They would go on one supplement and then try another supplement. This is the reason why the weight loss global industry is such a juggernaut when it comes to size and growth. As you can tell, if there is such a lucrative market, there are going to be some less than scrupulous people selling all sorts of products that simply don’t work or produce less than satisfactory results. In other words, there are a lot of gimmicks in the weight loss world. If you don’t want to become victimized by weight loss gimmicks, keep your eyes peeled for the following three red flags of weight loss gimmicks.

#1 Instant Results

If you go to a web pge that is promoting a weight loss pill or product, or exercise machine or product, and the overarching theme is that you will get results instantly, chances are you are looking at a gimmick if not an outright scam. Scammers and unscrupulous marketers use the instant results ‘angle’ a lot because it works. Let’s face it. Most of us are creatures of convenience. We’re creatures of comfort. We want our cake and eat it, too. And we want to eat it immediately. We want our results now. We want our rewards now. We don’t want to work for it. We don’t want to sweat or suffer discomfort or inconvenience. We want the results now. It’s not a surprise that many pizza companies will guarantee delivery within fifteen minutes or less or you get a pizza for free. That’s how powerful convenience is, and scammers know this. That’s why a lot of weight loss gimmicks are positioned around the key premise that you will get instant results. There are many ways they implement this strategy. One common way is to show before and after pictures with very little time duration. Other scams and spam focus on clocks or calendars that show that very minimal time has transpired. Don’t fall for these tricks. Instant results are a pipe dream.

# 2 Minimal to No Effort
Next to instant results, the next biggest temptation when it comes to weight loss products is that you don’t have to expend much effort to get the advertised results. Many of these scam products show pictures of really heavy guys right next to guys that look like Brad Pitt or Russell Crowe. And then they say that they didn’t have to exercise or put in much effort to get bodies like that. If you see this in any advertising material you come across, chances are you are looking at a weight loss gimmick or outright scam. If you want to lose weight, you have to expend some effort. Note the word ‘some.’ That effort could be as basic as sticking to a schedule, or that effort might be as basic as putting in a few hours at the gym every single day. The truth is if you want to lose weight, there is some effort involved.
Don’t believe anybody that tells you otherwise.

# 3 Focusing on Convenience
Weight loss marketing gimmicks really boil down to convenience. When pushing an exercise machine, they say that it’s not as painful as traditional machines. When pushing a particular pill, they say that the pill could be taken at any time and the pill produces the results that five pills would normally take. Do you see the picture? It’s all about convenience. So if you see the convenience factor hyped up too much in any particular piece of advertising, it’s a good idea to close the window and find another product.

3 Top Weight Loss Gimmicks

3 Top Weight Loss Gimmicks

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