How To Lose Weight Swing Dancing

//How To Lose Weight Swing Dancing

How To Lose Weight Swing Dancing

How To Lose Weight Swing Dancing

How To Lose Weight Swing Dancing

Like the ceiling fans that went out of style and then came so has Swing Dancing.
The great bands of the forties are gone but their music lives on.
There is a resurgent of swing music and especially swing dancing.
The major attraction of swing dancing is that it is a partner dance, first and foremost.
Swing does require that most importantly you look at your partner and you both have a share experienced.
In swing dancing people actually looking at each other instead of a smart phone.
Current research into mental health and weight control reports on the importance socializing plays in our longevity.

Today multigenerational dance’s, include seniors and young adults who enjoy a good time.
At a swing dance your body type and age is not a deterrent to having a good time.
People are there to have a good time and singles and couples are welcome.
Swing dancing has offers an intense and enjoyable good time.

One of the most important reasons for swings revival was a man named Frankie Manning.

Frankie Manning was one of the original lindy hoppers of the Savory Ballroom in Harlem of the thirties where the lindy was born.
Mr. Manning toured the world in the thirties and forties until swing died out.
He went to work for the post office and just he was about to retire the swing revival was looking for inspiratory and instructor.
In his sixties he started to tour the world sharing the joy that swing dancing brings to the world.
Look for Frankie Manning swing training videos on YouTube, given by the man himself.
Thanks to the life affirming exercise and health benefits that swing dancing offers Mr. Manning lived to age 94.

Swing for weight loss
Swing dancing is a quick-paced and demanding form of exercise. You can burn 300 to 400 calories per hour while swing dancing; you won’t even notice that you’re exercising.
Unlike exercises that are boring and repetitive, swing is an exercise you will actually enjoy.
We recommend taking swing lessons from a local swing dance school to start out on the right foot.
Caution: just like any other exercise, ease into it and don’t over do it.
So, if you really, really hate to exercise, swing dancing maybe what you have been looking for. It will improve your health, mind and waistline.

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