9 Goals For Permanent Weight Loss Diet

//9 Goals For Permanent Weight Loss Diet

9 Goals For Permanent Weight Loss Diet

1. Have a clear statement of your goal. Your subconscious
response to definiteness.

2. Have an exact time and date to begin your program.

3. Carry a brief statement of your goal on a 3 X 5 index
card and look at it often each day.

4. Start with small goals, say I would like to lose 5
pounds and set a date to reach this goal.

5. Talk positively to yourself about your goal.

6. Concentrate on one specific challenge at a time.

7. Start behaving as if you have already achieved your

8. Keep a positive attitude, and tell yourself I can do

9. For each five pounds, you lose reward yourself with a
haircut, manicure, bubble bath or some other indulgence
you normally don’t do for yourself.

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