A Great Video On How To REALLY Lose Weight- The Science

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A Great Video On How To REALLY Lose Weight- The Science

A Great Video On How To REALLY Lose Weight- The Science- in this video from Ted Talks

Ruben Meerman explains the mathematics of weight loss.  When you lose weight (fat) where does it go?

What is Fat the chemcial elements in Fat  C55- H104- 06  and it gets out of bodies as 55C02 + H2O

chemistry surely this is year 10 chemistry although well it’s not really but here’s what it says fat plus oxygen gives you carbon dioxide and water
that’s what it becomes and this biochemist have known this for ages you inhale that you exhale that that’s what happens to it amazing now
that little arrow there is kind of oversimplifying something called apologies to the biochemist so that men doubt
oversimplify but I’m trying to get to the crunch it’s really complicated it doesn’t just come out of you for no
reason you’ve got to do stuff eat less move more what we’ll come to that in a minute but look when you want to lose
weight you want to lose kilograms that’s all kilograms all that stuff there so what do people say heat it burns up as
energy because that’s what we’ve been telling them all this time and it’s very confusing because energy has different
units kilojoules or you might usecalories and yes that’s heat that’s motion when you move or it’s thinking
your brain needs energy or it’s growing but that’s not where the fat goes so what are we talking about here well let
me just show you a couple more things so I’ve got some carbon dioxide here in its frozen form we call it dry ice it’s
carbon dioxide it has mass thing is you’re not used to seeing it but here’s some dry ice and it’s heavy and if you
put it in water lo and behold it does this cool thing in bubbles like you’veall seen that before
well that’s carbon dioxide in water that’s what fat is kind of made out of but it’s not fat I’m not making fat that
is not fat so how does that become fat well it doesn’t just like that it becomes sugar first plants make fat well they start
the whole thing a plant takes six molecules of carbon dioxide and six molecules of water uses an amazing
chemical called chlorophyll holds them together and then sunlight comes in and finds those molecules together and it
becomes sugar c6h12o6 is glucose fructose same formula c6h12o6 sucrose is glucose plus fructose stuck together –
and h2o molecule so it’s do the maths c20 no 12h 2205 right well here some this is sucrose plants make it and it’s
this stuff joined together it’s now got chemical energy holding these molecules together so they don’t just fly around
like that.
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