How To Avoid Getting Old & Fat

//How To Avoid Getting Old & Fat

How To Avoid Getting Old & Fat

How To Avoid Getting Old & Fat
Value Of Exercise
People who spend a great deal of time sitting on their rears execrate the ageing of their bodies cells.
People who exercise less than 40 minutes a day have body cells that can be as much as 8 years older than they should be.
New research is showing the value of exercise not only for weight control but also to delay ageing.
Value Of Exercise
Shoelace tips of your DNA called telomeres shorten and cause deterioration of your chromosomes.
Chromosomes are made up of DNA, and telomeres protect the genetic material at either end of the chromosomes, which play a role in cell ageing.
The shortening of the tips of your chromosomes increase your risk of diabetes, major cancers and cardiovascular disease. • Getting Fat & Old need not be your destiny.
No matter your weight or age, it is vitally important that you exercise every day of your life.
The research is showing that it affects your body all the way to your DNA.
Obesity is just one of the problems we deal with in our lives that brings on ageing.
Sitting around is taking years off our life expectancy and increasing our waistlines.
Avoiding Old Age
• You can get older, but don’t have to become fat and elderly!
Start today no matter you weight or age to make an effort to due 30 minutes of some form of exercise everyday.
Make it a habit to do at least 150 minutes of some form of moderate aerobic activity, such as cycling or walking every week.
Do strength exercises 2 more days a week that will exercise the major muscles (back, chest, shoulders, hips, arms, legs and abdomen)
If you are at risk for falls or have poor balance you should work on improving your co-ordination and balance at least two times a week.

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