Heart Pulse Rate And Weight (How To Take Your Pulse)

//Heart Pulse Rate And Weight (How To Take Your Pulse)

Heart Pulse Rate And Weight (How To Take Your Pulse)

Your heart rate may be a more important number to be aware than your weight.

Taking a person’s pulse is a direct measure of heart rate. A normal adult resting heart rate is between 60-100 heartbeats per minute. Some experienced athletes may see their resting heart rate fall below 60 beats per minute. Tachycardia refers to the heart beating too fast at rest – over 100 beats per minute.

Latest research suggests a pulse rate equation to be a more accurate predictor: 208-(0.7 x age)=MHR (Maximum Heart Rate) For obese people an accurate MHR is important measurement to help people in their efforts to exercise.

Staying in your “THRZ” (target heart rate zone) is made easier thanks to heart rate monitors and fitness app’s and watches.

Your resting heart rate (or RHR) gives you an idea of how much your heart is working to pump blood while you’re at rest.  A very strong heart pumps additional blood with each beat and consequently needs fewer beats per minute. Why is this important? Resting Heart Rate is a good indicator of your overall cardiovascular health and should be watched.  It’s very easy to monitor and it should be done in the morning before getting out of bed. Even sitting up in bed can raise your heart rate, so check it as you are lying down.

To test your RHR place your fingers on your neck or wrist to find a pulse and while tracking beats per minute you will arrive at your resting heart rate. To avoid counting beats for an entire minute, you can count them for ten seconds and take the result times 6 for the same answer.

Obesity is the main cause of a high resting heart rate. A high RHA can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

Some symptoms of RHA are:

Heart Palpitations, dizziness, chest pains, lightheadedness and even fainting.

If your RHA is not where it should be, it will serve as a motivating factor to get you to stick to your diet plan and exercising more.

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