How Sugar By Any Other Name Will Cause Weight Gain

//How Sugar By Any Other Name Will Cause Weight Gain

How Sugar By Any Other Name Will Cause Weight Gain

Sugar By Any Other Name

Sugar By Any Other Name

The food industry makes it almost impossible to avoid sugar in our diets.
Added sugar is hiding in 74% of packaged foods.
Here is a list of hidden names for sugar.

1. Barley malt
2. Barbados sugar
3. Beet sugar
4. Brown sugar
5. Buttered syrup
6. Cane juice
7. Cane sugar
8. Caramel
9. Corn syrup
10. Corn syrup solids
11. Confectioner’s sugar
12. Carob syrup
13. Castor sugar
14. Date sugar
15. Dehydrated cane juice
16. Demerara sugar
17. Dextran
18. Dextrose
19. Diastatic malt
20. Diatase
21. Ethyl maltol
22. Free Flowing Brown Sugars
23. Fructose
24. Fruit juice
25. Fruit juice concentrate
26. Galactose
27. Glucose
28. Glucose solids
29. Golden sugar
30. Golden syrup
31. Grape sugar
32. HFCS
33. Honey
34. Icing sugar
35. Invert sugar
36. Lactose
37. Malt
38. Maltodextrin
39. Maltose
40. Malt syrup
41. Mannitol
42. Maple syrup
43. Molasses
44. Muscovado
45. Panocha
46. Powdered Sugar
47. Raw sugar
48. Refiner’s syrup
49. Rice syrup
50. Sorbitol
51. Sorghum syrup
52. Sucrose
53. Sugar (granulated) (yes, it is right there on the label)
54. Treacle
55. Yellow sugar
56. Turbinado sugar
Bonus : Artificial Sweeteners, Splenda, Equal, Aspartame, Sweet N Low

As Shakespeare would had said: ” Sugar by any other name will taste as sweet and due as much harm to your health”

Over time, excessive intake of sugar in all these different forms will lead to serious health issues and weight gain.

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