Best Way To Lose Weight Breakfast & Snacks

//Best Way To Lose Weight Breakfast & Snacks

Best Way To Lose Weight Breakfast & Snacks

Best Way To Lose Weight Breakfast & Snacks
This our 702th video we have created for you on YouTube and this is our bonus gift to all our followers.
In this video we share why you have to add FAT to your diet if you want to have truly long lasting weight lose. Why Add Fat?
Obesity is a disease, it’s not created by our lack of character. It’s a hormonal disease. The main hormone is Insulin. Most of us over weigh people are insulin resistant. What most of us don’t know is that Insulin’s job is to drive glucose or blood sugar, into the cells where it can used. When you are insulin resistant your body makes more Insulin than you need and that’s how we become obese and diabetic. What we are suffering from is that Insulin causes hunger, so we over eat. Most of the food we eat will be stored as fat, because Insulin is the fat storage hormone. The foods we eat are either protein, carbohydrate or a fat. Each of these cause different effects on glucose and insulin levels. This the reason why when we eat carbs our glucose and insulin levels go up very fast and then go down just as fast. The Insulin’s reaction to protein is almost nothing and to FAT’s it’s zero. So if you want to lose weight eat foods that have zero effect on Insulin levels, meaning eat healthy FATS!.
Home make Whip Cream from pasteurized Heavy Whipping Cream has ZERO carbohydrates and protein. When you make it at home it is less expensive and you know what went into it. Add some vanilla to add some taste.
Sugar FREE Jello- goes great with the Whip Cream and also has zero carbohydrates.
String cheese for home and the road. Keep some with you when out in the world to keep you from getting hungry away from home.
Pepperoni- is 20% protein and 80% fat that will keep you from eating junk foods. Perfect for those hours between dinner and bedtime.

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