Robocall Scam On Seniors & Veterans

//Robocall Scam On Seniors & Veterans

Robocall Scam On Seniors & Veterans

A senior citizen got a call from someone claiming that his Social Security number had been “compromised,” according to report.
The “Robo type” caller told the senior to call a special number, in order to fix the so-called problem.
Instead, the senior did what police say a victim should always do in a case like this — call the police.
Law enforcement told him to get a free credit check, to confirm that his social security number had not been used in a fraudulent manner.
These types of robocall scams are happening across America.
The fraudulent schemers target senior citizens and Medicare Part D participants. The scams can occur anytime, but they tend to increase during tax filing time when getting someone’s Social Security number can provide access to a person’s tax return information.

1-800-772-1214 Comes On Caller I.D.
• The Robo caller even has a way for the Social Security Administration’s national customer service line to come upon a person’s caller ID.
• The schemer identifies themselves to the senior or veteran as an SSA representative. They then tell the senior or veteran that the SSA does not have all their required information, such as their Social Security Number, on file.
Another scheme is that the SSA need additional information to increase the senior or veterans benefit check, or that the SSA will stop the senior or veterans payments if they do not confirm their information.

“A legitimate caller will leave a message and you can call them back.”

Protect Yourself
• An SSA staffer will never tell you that you can lose your benefits or increase your benefits in return for you providing the requested information.
• If you get this robocall it is a fraud scheme and you should hang up. Hanging up is your best protection if you get this type of call.
• Never give your SS number or banking information to someone that called you out of the blue either on the phone or over the internet.
Report this scheme to the Office of the Inspector General at 800-269-0271 or

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