Why Start A Low Carb, High FAT Diet Plan For Weight Loss?

//Why Start A Low Carb, High FAT Diet Plan For Weight Loss?

Why Start A Low Carb, High FAT Diet Plan For Weight Loss?

Why Start A Low Carb High FAT Diet Plan For Weight Loss?

I know that the idea of A diet that is high in fat is hard to wrap your head around
First you must understand that Insulin is the fat storage hormone.
Carbohydrates cause a spike in insulin secretion and increase cravings and increases stores of fat.
Low carb diets reduces calories by reducing your cravings for foods.
Carbohydrates are not essential elements in the human body.
You can live without carbohydrates but you can’t live with protein and fat.
Eat (real) fat to:
*Promote fat burn,
*Build muscle faster,
*Curb cravings for junk foods,
*Supply your body with essential nutrients,
* Better absorb certain vitamins and antioxidants
* Prevent nutrient loss during cooking
As your insulin resistance increase your weight increases, your body can’t handle the increase of carb and stores the excess as fat.
Your body needs at least four weeks to adapt to the reduction of carbs in your diet.
Burning fat instead of carbs will increase your energy and endurance levels.

What have the low fat high carbohydrate done for obesity and diabetes of the world.
You will enjoy the food because fat tastes good. And is a tasty diet to follow.
You can eat well and not suffer from hunger or ill nature like when on a restricted caloric diet.
Dr. Atkins had it almost right by restricting carbs but his pushing protein over fat made his diet not as effective or enjoyable.
Take the negative press about Coconut oil or butter for instance, We were told that both were harmful to our health.
The food industry jumped right on it and created margarin which was loaded with trans fats, truly unhealthy for our bodies.
Look at what the FDA told us about egg, how they are saying it is a perfect food.
For a very long time, fat had a bad reputation. We were told many times to avoid it at all costs. We all opted for skim this or low fat diet that, and fat was kicked to the curb. Now it is being reported that fat is no longer evil

A meal that’s relatively high in carbohydrate can often produce very high glucose levels and this is a problem.
Saturated fat found in foods like red meats and other rich protein sources actually increases free testosterone levels, that help repair tissue and maintain muscle mass.
Current research is suggesting that low-carb diets should be the first treatment option in diabetes because of the consistently good control of blood glucose and the reduction, or elimination, of diabetes medication.
It hard to believe those of us who are obese or have a deficiency in insulin and inability to produce enough insulin, or require medications to help them make insulin, to be eating so much carbohydrate.
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