Weight Loss Is All About Learning To Say No !

//Weight Loss Is All About Learning To Say No !

Weight Loss Is All About Learning To Say No !

Weight Loss Is All About Learning To Say No

There are too many obese people in the world today…or so it might seem, with the number of “obese” folks you run into on a daily basis. However, what about the people who said NO to obesity?

As a child, you were raised to be considerate to others, and to accommodate them as much as possible.

How do you know exactly when struggling with weight gain is enough? And more importantly, are you saying no to yourself by saying yes to bad food choices every time? Chances are that is exactly what you are doing, even if only subliminally.

Wondering when is the time for you to use your no’s effectively?             We’ve got you covered!

Piling On Stress

Not being able to say no can greatly contribute to elevated stress and weight gain real quick! Not taking control of your diet can cause feelings that can overwhelm and add to chronic stress, and people who cannot say no are usually the first to stop trying.

It is important to understand your own boundaries and limitations, and while helping others is important, you have to take care of yourself first.

This means sometimes saying no to friends and family, in order to maintain an optimal level of weight, health, and wellness for you.

Feelings Of Obligation

This is by far the most common cause of resentment in persons since they are basically “forced” to say yes to eat unhealthy whether or not they want to. Maybe the person pushing you to eat unhealthy is a close friend or maybe it is a family member.

You feel a sense of obligation to always to agree whatever that person offers you, but you need to ask yourself “when do I decide for myself?” will you continue to feel a forced sense of obligation not to offend forever?

This constant obligatory situation builds resentment, and resentment can literally make you physically ill!

You need to let them know you have to put yourself first, by doing what you need to do. If an issue arises, it may be best to sever ties and remove a toxic person from your life.

Secret Junk Food Addicts

We sincerely hope you are not a secret junk food addict! Though we fully understand the need to unwind after a tiring week’s work, there is absolutely no justification for making junk food your drug of choice. Can it be the result of friends asking or guilting to eat unhealthy food even though your better sense says no?

You may not consider bread, pasta, rice or cereal to be junk food but because they are carbohydrates that turn to sugar the minute they enter your body they are “Junk Food”!

You’re not doing yourself any favors, as you will be gaining weight, not to mention being likely stressed and miserable. Saying yes to that is saying no to your well-being.

Enabling Bad Behavior

It has happened to all of us before, from a kid asking for something, hearing no and slowly breaking you down, too much worse influences on your life. Listening to the little voice in our head telling us to start the diet tomorrow, or telling us, why make the effort only to gain it all back like it has in the past.

From friends or family telling you just have a little more pasta, or not listening to your desire to lose weight, while it may seem ok or insignificant at the time, it enables bad behavior and disrespect over the long haul.

When you say no, it needs to stay that way. You will gain infinite respect for having unbendable beliefs and will be looked at as a pillar of strength.

Not Speaking Up

There have undoubtedly been numerous times when you sit quietly while something (or someone) boils your blood to the point of an eruption, yet you show no outward emotions and turn to food. This can range from a boss berating you in the office, a bully, or a random stranger who finds it appropriate to critic your body.

By allowing it, you are doing just that, rolling over and assuming the fetal position. Open your mouth, demand respect and speak for what you want to accomplish. It is up to you, and only you, to finally gain control of your health and body. Tell the little voice to shut up!


NO is not a bad word. It has been criminalized via society and the illusion that things must be ok all the time. You will only end up resenting yourself for being weak, and not ever doing what you want to do by allowing others to always walk over you. You need to look after yourself before you look after anyone else, after all, lead by example!

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